“Thanks for inviting me to be an instructor at your camp. I am delighted to be a part of one of the finest instructional football camps available today! The difference you have made in the lives of these young men on and off the field will last a lifetime.”

 -Troy Aikman, All Pro Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys

“The campers learn some great football! They also had good questions. Great camp!”
-Marshawn Lynch, All Pro Running Back, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders

“I would recommend the camp because players get the opportunity to learn from NFL players and see how hard they work.”
-Muhammad Wilkerson, All Pro Defensive End, New York Jets and Green Bay Packers

“I sent my son to this camp and the competitive atmosphere the campers experience is second to none. Each camper receives very good football instruction and makes a lot of new friends at camp. Outstanding! The camp is a very good experience.”
-Richie Anderson, All-Pro Running Back, New York Jets

“The young athletes learn what football is really about from the pros and great coaches. There are a lot of coaching points that are given that will help the campers learn the game.”
-Richard Sherman, All Pro Cornerback, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers

“I have worked the Sports International Football Camps for more than 20 years. Compared to other camps, SI provides the best combination of Professional (NFL) interaction, fundamentals, fun and competition.”
Sherman Wood, Head Coach, Salisbury University 

If you are serious about learning the techniques necessary to improve your skill level, there is NO better place than at a Sports International football camp. Not only will there be professional players to instruct and talk you through specific drills, ALL practice sessions will be conducted by a staff of collegiate as well as high school coaches from across the country. In my almost 40 years of working camps throughout the United States, I have not come across a better run operation than Sports International. 
Leo Haggerty, Former NFL Scout/College Football Coach

“This is a teaching camp that provides all the players with the most current techniques available. The skills each player learns at this camp provides them an edge when they return to their home schools. I feel the camp takes each camper to a higher level as a player.”
Michael Cieri, Asst. Coach, Montclair State University

I have been involved with Sports International Football Camps for over 20 years and will continue to be with them for many more. It has been rewarding seeing SI camp alumni move into the college ranks to continue their football careers as well as working towards a college degree. I have chosen to stay involved with SI camps because of their mission, which is to truly teach the skills, fundamentals and techniques needed to be a successful football player at each level. The younger campers are given a great foundation to build upon and the older campers are given the opportunity to continue build upon the skills in which they currently have. The high school campers are coached by college coaches and get a little taste of what practice will be like at the next level.
Tom Parkevich, Defensive Coordinator, Illinois College

Sports International is AWESOME! The coaching staffs are comprised of the finest local high school and college coaches in the area providing tremendous expertise in individual and team skills, in a well-structured setting.  Gerri Pannoni, Head Coach, Rio Rancho High

“The whole purpose of the camp is to provide quality coaching, and in that regard, your camp exceeded my expectations. Overall, this was a great experience for my son, and we will definitely be back next year. Your camp staff was great, and very easy-going and receptive. Many thanks!”
-Clovis, CA

“We want to thank Sports International for what your organization has given our son year after year at camp. This was the third year he attended camp and each year the camp only gets better. My wife and I are extremely impressed with the coaching staff and how well organized the entire program is year after year. My son is having an outstanding football season and we feel it is in large part because of what he has learned at football camp over the years.”
-Baltimore, MD

“The camp is pure class! I was a counselor at camp and I have never been associated with a more organized, qualified, and experienced staff on and off the field. A player cannot find better football instruction! The personal attention the coaches give each camper is amazing. The headline pro was very hands on during camp and my son loved it. My son and I plan to come back as long as they will have us!”
-Tacoma, WA

My son had a blast! All the coaches were great. My son learned more in a few hours then we could have ever asked for. My son is already asking if he can attend next year.
-Philadelphia, PA

I thought the camp was very well run and a good experience for my son. It was my son's first time at the camp and I would say I was very impressed. Everyone knew their part and it ran well. Seeing how excited the kids were when the pros were around, working with the kids on the practice fields. It was inspiring for the kids. 
-Baltimore, MD

"Giovanni absolutely loved the academy. He would absolutely LOVE to attend next summer and it has improved his game tremendously.  He still talks about the experience. It has truly been one of the most influential things in his life as he breathes football. If you could only know how positive this influence has been. My husband was deployed to the middle east during the football camp, so it was no easy task traveling all the way to Massachusetts from NC for the camp. It was a very emotional time for all of us, so this just made him happy beyond all words. We really and truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a truly amazing experience."
- Candler, NC


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