Why is this the best football program in the USA?
Where are the football programs located and how much do they cost?
What is the Specialty Clinic and how much does it cost?
What does the tuition include?
Is there a payment plan?
How can I sign up?
Is there contact at the camp/academy and what equipment will I need?
What is the supervision at your programs?
How do I become a Volunteer Counselor, what are the responsibilities and what is the fee?
Who are the coaches?
At what age can you participate in these programs?
What time do the programs start on the first day?
What time do the programs end on the last day?
What are the times for day participants?
Can participants room with their friend or sibling?
Do you have scholarships?
What forms are required?
How are players matched up at the programs?
How are players assigned positions at the Football Camps/Academies? Are the camps geared towards one position?
Can parents or guardians watch practices?
How do cancellations work?
Are these programs for all levels? I have a participant who has never played before.
Is there a camp store?
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