Youth Football Program

If your youth football player is an experienced player or just starting football, this is for them! By working with our NFL player(s) and coaching staff, they will learn much more than just football! They will be taught teamwork, self-discipline, consideration of others and how to attain their potential on the field and in life. We will also stress the importance of achieving success in the classroom and selecting the correct role models and friends.

The veteran coaching staff, made up of high school and college coaches, will ensure each player is placed in the appropriate group. All players will be assigned an experienced coaching staff to teach individual and team drills on both offensive and defense. The coaching staff will thoroughly train and prepare each player to be a better, more confident football player! Parents and relatives are encouraged to attend practices. During the program, the NFL player(s) in attendance will teach the same offensive and defensive techniques that they are taught by the best coaches of the NFL!  

BEST SUPERVISED PROGRAMS IN THE NATION! Safety and security of your child is our number one concern! Therefore, we conduct background checks on our entire staff including coaches and counselors. The background checks are done by Protect Youth Sports. Our volunteer counselors supervise the athletes off the field. If you would like to become a volunteer counselor, click here to learn more. In addition, a full time staff of athletic trainers will be on duty with medical clinics and hospital/s nearby.

Our goal is to give each athlete the finest football instruction available and a program they will never forget! 

  • On-the-field practice and instruction up to three times each day! You will go home a better football player!
  • Instruction, lectures and demonstrations on football fundamentals by NFL current and past player(s).
  •  Excellent football, recreational and housing facilities as well as top coaches and trainers.


Elementary Level - Beginners and experienced players

Our coaching staff will intensify the instruction in all phases of the game with positive, enthusiastic instruc­tion. This group will receive personalized attention and training. Learning proper technique at this age is very important, but our staff never forgets “football is a game.” While still making each practice fun, our veteran coaching staff will step it up a notch each day with more advanced technique training on both offense and defense.

For athletes that have more experience in this level, coaches will work with players on more advanced technique training on both offense and defense. We take pride in the number of players we have helped to make and contribute to their youth league or team. Our high school level coaching staff and pro(s) will intensify the instruction each day in all phases of the game with positive, enthusiastic instruction and more advanced technique training.

Middle School and Jr. High Level - Beginners and experienced players 

Our coaching staff’s goal for this age group is to prepare each player for their team! Whether you have never played football before or are an advanced player, we know how to make you a better football player. The instruction will intensify in all phases of the game as the program goes on. Each player will receive more advanced technique training each day and will return to their team a much improved football player! The techniques the athletes learn at this level also aid in helping prepare players to make their high school team.

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