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Whether your athlete is an accomplished player or just starting football, this program will be an experience they won’t forget. Our goal is to teach our athletes the correct techniques and practice habits that will allow them to reach their full potential. Your athlete will receive the best training available from an experienced and veteran staff of coaches.  Staff may also include current and/or former professional players. Your athlete will learn much more than just football! Players are taught teamwork, consideration of others, self-discipline, and how to attain their potential in sports and life. Athletes will also learn the importance of achieving good grades and selecting the correct role models. Safety and security are a concern for Sports International, and therefore, we conduct background checks on all staff, coaches, and counselors that attend our programs. In addition, there are athletic trainers on duty 24 hours a day to attend to the player’s needs. This program will be a very positive stimulus for your athlete and they will leave a better football player!


Participants age 7-18 are welcome to attend the 4 day programs. The size of the program allows our staff to separate players by age, ability, experience and/or aggressiveness. Our programs provide proper match-ups to challenge the players while creating a great learning environment. The featured professional players, outstanding coaching staff, and the learning environment has developed a national reputation for being the best high school, middle school, and youth football program in the USA!

Elementary Level - Beginners and experienced players
Middle School and Jr. High Level - Beginners and experienced players
High School Level - Beginners* and experienced players


In accordance with the NCAA regulations, players that have not enrolled in college are eligible to attend a summer football program without jeopardizing their athletic eligibility.   


A full-time staff of certified trainers will be on duty 24 hours-a-day. Medical clinics and a hospital are near the campus. Background checks will be conducted on all staff, coaches, and volunteers.


Participants should be prepared for adverse conditions. The program will be held regardless of weather. Make-up sessions or refunds will not be offered. The decision to modify the schedule rests solely with the director and management.

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