High School Football Program

Our coaching staff’s goal is to help each high school player attain their football goals! The coaching staff, made up of primarily college coaches, know how to make you a better football player.  We will do everything in our power to help anyone in our programs obtain a college scholarship or play at the college level. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and to be recruited at the same time!



All players will be assigned a veteran coaching staff to ensure individual and team instruction on both offense and defense. The instruction will intensify in all phases of the game as the program goes on.  Each player will receive more advanced technique training each day and will return to their team a much improved football player! Parents and relatives are encouraged to attend practices. During the 4 day program, the NFL player(s) in attendance will teach the same offensive and defensive techniques that they are taught by the best coaches of the NFL!

Top performers at our programs will be selected to the Sports International Gridiron Elite (ages 15-18 only). The Gridiron Elite is an exclusive club made up of the top high school football players that attend all of Sports International’s programs. Each recipient will be hand-selected by the coaching staff throughout the summer. Players selected for the prestigious Gridiron Elite will have outperformed many of their peers to earn their coach's recognition and praise. As a member of the Gridiron Elite, Sports International will be sending each participant’s information to over 2,500 college coaches throughout the nation to aid in their recruiting efforts.

Click here to see some our alumni who have played or are currently playing college and professional football!

BEST SUPERVISED PROGRAMS IN THE NATION! Safety and security of your child is our number one concern! Therefore, we conduct background checks on our entire staff including coaches and counselors. The background checks are done by Protect Youth Sports. Our volunteer counselors supervise the athletes off the field. If you would like to become a volunteer counselor, click here to learn more. In addition, a full time staff of athletic trainers will be on duty with medical clinics and hospital/s nearby.

Our goal is to give each athlete the finest football instruction available and a program they will never forget! 

  • On-the-field practice and instruction up to three times each day! You will go home a better football player!
  • Instruction lectures and demonstrations on football fundamentals by NFL current or past player(s).
  •  Awards to outstanding athletes and top performers including recruiting opportunities.
  •  Excellent football, recreational and housing facilities as well as top coaches and trainers.
  •  In accordance with NCAA Regulations, players that have not enrolled in college are eligible to attend a summer football program without jeopardizing their athletic eligibility.

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