Sports International Football Camp - NJ


On-Campus Housing and Dining*


All campers will stay in one of the air conditioned residence halls on campus. 

Campers will also be able to enjoy all-you-can-eat meals in the Treeline Dining Hall.

Athletic Field & Complex

Practices will be held daily on one of the one campus athletic fields.


Participants are assigned to rooms based on gender and age. Most of the time there are two participants per room, each with a single bed. It provides a great opportunity to make new friends who share a common interest. Participants are welcome to room with a friend or sibling.   If interested in requesting a specific roommate please inquire at least one month prior to the start of camp.   requests may need to be made ahead of time.

If siblings want to room together and are different ages, the older sibling will be in the age group of the younger sibling. (There will be a difference in bed times).

If more than 2 participants want to room together, it depends on the school. The school may allow an extra bed to be brought into the room, but that will have to be determined on registration day.

*Individuals needing accommodations or special assistance must contact the Camp, not later than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the Camp, and the Camp in turn will notify the Conferences and Events Office at Drew University. Notification must be given to the Camp at the time of registration to ensure appropriate accommodations and availability of accessible space. The Camp shall advise Drew University at the time any such notification is received.

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