"Being a guy that has played on both sides of the line helps me understand how to focus on the small things that will give any linemen a chance to having a lasting experience from Sports International."

-Jason Murphy, Former NFL Lineman

"Sports International is AWESOME! The coaching staffs are comprised of the finest local high school and college coaches in the area providing tremendous expertise in individual and team skills, in a well-structured setting.”
- Coach Pannoni, Potomac, MD

“The athletes not only learn the game of football from the best coaches in the USA, they also learn about life, school and countless other valuable tools that will help them as they mature as student athletes.”  
-Coach Blackwell, Baltimore, MD

"It has been my experience that Sports International reaches the full spectrum of football player development. From the newcomer to the highly skilled, everyone walks out learning to be a better, more skilled and confident player."
-Coach Shaw, Danville, VA

"My son had a blast! All the coaches were great. My son learned more in a few hours then we could have ever asked for. My son is already asking if he can attend next year."
-Philadelphia, PA

“I have worked the Sports International Football Camps for more than 20 years. Compared to other camps, SI provides the best combination of Professional (NFL) interaction, fundamentals, fun and competition.”
Sherman Wood, Head Coach, Salisbury University 

If you are serious about learning the techniques necessary to improve your skill level, there is NO better place than at a Sports International football camp. Not only will there be professional players to instruct and talk you through specific drills, ALL practice sessions will be conducted by a staff of collegiate as well as high school coaches from across the country. In my almost 40 years of working camps throughout the United States, I have not come across a better run operation than Sports International. 
Leo Haggerty, Former NFL Scout/College Football Coach

“This is a teaching camp that provides all the players with the most current techniques available. The skills each player learns at this camp provides them an edge when they return to their home schools. I feel the camp takes each camper to a higher level as a player.”
Michael Cieri, Asst. Coach, Montclair State University

I have been involved with Sports International Football Camps for over 20 years and will continue to be with them for many more. It has been rewarding seeing SI camp alumni move into the college ranks to continue their football careers as well as working towards a college degree. I have chosen to stay involved with SI camps because of their mission, which is to truly teach the skills, fundamentals and techniques needed to be a successful football player at each level. The younger campers are given a great foundation to build upon and the older campers are given the opportunity to continue build upon the skills in which they currently have. The high school campers are coached by college coaches and get a little taste of what practice will be like at the next level.
Tom Parkevich, Defensive Coordinator, Illinois College

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