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Our staff will help every motivated athlete attain their maximum level of performance. Whether your athlete is an experienced player or just starting football, each Lineman Academy is an experience they will never forget! Our goal is to teach our athletes the correct techniques and practice habits that will allow them to reach their full potential. Your athlete will receive the best training available from an experienced, veteran staff. Safety and security are a concern for Sports International, and therefore, we conduct background checks on all staff, coaches, and counselors that attend the academy. In addition, there are athletic trainers on duty 24 hours a day to attend to the player’s needs. The academy will be a very positive stimulus for your athlete and they will leave a better football player!


Junior Academy
Our coaching staff feels they have a great responsibility to this group. Learning proper technique at this age is very important. The younger lineman are special and will receive personalized attention and training from our outstanding coaching staff. More in-depth instruction will be taught at each age level as the lineman develop proper technique and rhythm.

Senior Academy
Simply put, the veteran coaches will help every player in this age group — beginner, intermediate or advanced — attain their goals as a lineman! Instruction will be adapted to fit the needs of each individual athlete according to their ability and experience. As each player advances during the academy, they will receive more advanced technique training. More in-depth instruction will be taught at each age level as the lineman develop proper technique and rhythm. We know how to make you a better lineman!

Advanced Academy
The Sports International Lineman Academy is the ultimate instructional academy for the high school level athlete! We are here to make you a better lineman. The coaching staff will instruct you on the field and make themselves available anytime you have a question. In addition, you will eat, sleep, and practice with advanced high school lineman. Tremendous advancement takes place during the academy when your top instructors share their training philosophy. The Sports International Lineman Academy is a no-nonsense program where you will receive the very best instruction available from the very best.


In accordance with NCAA regulations and state rules, players in high school are eligible to attend the academy without jeopardizing their athletic eligibility. The Sports International Lineman Academy meets ALL NCAA and state eligibility rules.


A full-time staff of certified trainers will be on duty 24 hours-a-day. Medical clinics and a hospital are near the campus. Background checks will be conducted on all staff, coaches, and volunteers.


Participants should be prepared for adverse conditions. The academy will be held regardless of weather. Make-up sessions or refunds will not be offered. The decision to modify the schedule rests solely with the academy director and management.

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