• Daily instruction by top offensive and defensive lineman instructors with emphasis on: Fundamentals, Quickness, Speed & Agility, Alignment, Legal Use of Hands, Correct Position & Control, Footwork, Stance and Start, Mental and Physical Preparation, Proper Training and Conditioning.
  • Participants are also taught about Understanding the Importance of Academic Grades for College Recruitment and Scholarship Opportunities as well as the NCAA Rules and Regulations.
  • With no other position distractions, the Lineman Academy specializes in organization and instruction with selected coaching personnel who possess teaching qualities that benefit the development of a very special person... “the lineman!”
  • The Lineman Academy will emphasize basic fundamentals necessary to be successful in the game’s most important area, the trenches.
  • All students are separated throughout the entire academy by age, experience and ability! The outstanding coach-to-athlete ratio allows for individualized and small group instruction!
  • High school players aged 15-18 are eligible for the exclusive Gridiron Elite. A detailed information packet on each member of the Gridiron Elite will be sent to over 2,500 college football coaches to help each player receive recognition at the college level. This is great nationwide exposure that a player might not get from playing at their high school alone.
  • SUPERVISION AND BACKGROUND CHECKS! Safety and security are a concern for Sports International, and therefore, we conduct background checks on all staff, coaches, and counselors that attend the academy. In addition, there are athletic trainers on duty 24 hours a day to attend to the player’s needs. On the field, athletes are under the watchful eye of our coaching staff and off the field counselors are in charge of supervision. In addition, the majority of the campuses where we hold our programs have campus police and/or security staff on campus and available 24 hours a day.
  • FILM SESSIONS: Participants will participate in film sessions during the academy. You will find these sessions are an excellent training tool to break down technique and can be invaluable in the development of athletes.
  • All-you-can eat meals, with a large variety of tasty selections for the training athlete.                             
  • Housing accommodations on campus, Use of the recreational facilities is included.   
  • Eligibility: In accordance with NCAA regulations and state rules, players in high school are eligible to attend the academy without jeopardizing their athletic eligibility. The Sports International Lineman Academy meets ALL NCAA and state eligibility rules.
  • Health and Safety: A full-time staff of certified athletic trainers will be on duty 24 hours-a-day.
  • All participants will receive a free academy T-shirt.
  • Equipment Required:   Helmet and Shoulder pads


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