"This academy will not be your typical academy run by a former professional football player. My staff and I will intensely work with athletes to improve their skills through explanation, demonstration, and drill work. Your athlete will also become much more knowledgeable about the game through our multi-session video tape study. As much work as your athlete will put in on the field and in the classroom, you can expect that they will have the same amount of fun. We look forward to working with your athlete so that we can make them not just a better player, but a better person too."
-Chris Greisen, Former NFL QB

"I am very excited to be a part of an academy that is going to provide a great base of fundamentals that every football player has to have to maximize their potential. This academy is a great opportunity to come out and not only learn how to improve as a player, but most importantly have fun doing it."

-Ken Dorsey, Panthers Quarterbacks Coach

"I enjoy the teaching and building up of our youth throughout the academy. The kids learn so many things they can use not only in sports on the field but in life as well during the academy. By the end of the academy the kids have had a great time and I've made some lifelong relationships with some great kids that I won't ever forget."

-DJ Shockley, Former NFL QB

"The quality of staff at the academy is second to none. Coaches strive to provide participants with a fabulous experience by providing education and techniques that will make each athlete that attends a better football player after the academy than they were before they arrive."

-Keith O’Quinn, Dallas Cowboys Coach

"This academy is not just any academy; it’s more like a football clinic because you learn how to play your position with the right fundamentals and techniques as well as developing your football IQ. The only equipment you need is discipline, self-sacrifice and a work ethic."

-Curtis Jackson, Former NFL Wide Receiver

"As a high school football coach, I believe it’s my duty to teach our young athletes life lessons, to gain their trust and to help them be accountable for their behavior on and off the field.  It's an honor having an opportunity to help coach other kids from different spectrums and teaching them what can be gained from participating in football."

-Willie Williams, Former NFL Cornerback

"The athletes not only learn the game of football from the best coaches in the USA, they also learn about life, school and countless other valuable tools that will help them as they mature as student athletes."
-Coach Blackwell, Baltimore, MD

"It has been my experience that Sports International reaches the full spectrum of football player development. From the newcomer to the highly skilled, everyone walks out learning to be a better, more skilled and confident player."
-Coach Shaw, Danville, VA

"Sports International is AWESOME! The coaching staffs are comprised of the finest local high school and college coaches in the area providing tremendous expertise in individual and team skills, in a well-structured setting."
- Coach Pannoni, Potomac, MD

"I cannot tell you how much the players and I learned in those three days. I cannot thank you enough for the personal attention you gave our players. I was so very impressed by the three days. The organization and ability you have to teach and work with young people became very obvious to me. Our society needs people of your quality working with its young people. I really look forward to the opportunity to work with you next year."
- Coach Whitcomb, Clifton Springs, NY

"Every quarterback and receiver from my son's school attended your academy last summer. The players are very excited about what they learned. I am also amazed by how much it brought them together as a team. The entire group seems to get together almost daily to work out together and to polish what they learned at the academy. Your program provides an excellent environment for players to learn and I hope you will continue your programs for years to come!"
- Dallas, TX

"My son learned more about being a quarterback at the academy than he learned from his high school coaches all last season! Jamie was the starting quarterback for his high school football team this season and colleges are letting him know they are interested. We cannot thank you enough!"
- Chicago, IL


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