"The attention to detail and the unique technique philosophy will define the quality of these camps. Trust the knowledge and experience of an NFL All Pro Kicker and feel confident that the professionalism and passion for coaching football specialists is unparalleled in the industry."

-Mike Hollis, Former NFL Kicker

"My son, Thomas, was going into 8th grade when he arrived at camp. Once the camp got underway, he felt he learned a tremendous amount. This fall season he is the first person to ever be allowed to kick field goals during games in their school's history at this young of an age. They usually make them wait for high school level play, but Thomas is extremely confident in his ability after the coaches at the camp were able to help him tweak his approach to the ball."

-Houston, TX

"My son attended the kicking camp as well as the other [4 day camp]. He enjoyed the coaches who taught the punting portion. They passed on extensive information to my son, and we look forward to seeing them again next year."

-Denton, TX

"The camp was very informational and my son enjoyed the hands on experience. My son picked up some good pointers from the staff and the other kickers/punters. I believe it was a good experience for him."

-Lisle, IL

"My son had a very good time. The coaches were very helpful, and we thought it was pretty cool he got to learn kicking from a pro."

-Wayne, NJ

"My son had a blast! All the coaches were great. My son learned more in a few hours then we could have ever asked for. My son is already asking if he can attend next year."

-Philadelphia, PA

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