Areas of Instruction

Kickers will be instructed in: 

Field Goals and Extra Points

  • How to minimize operation time without rushing the kicking motion
  • Field goals from the hash
  • Learning how to communicate with the holder
  • Learn when to start the approach towards the kicking spot
  • Correct approach steps


  • Onside kicks
  • Directional kicking
  • Hang time and distance
  • Pooch kicks
  • Correct approach steps
Punters will be instructed in:
  • Correct way to catch a snap and drop the ball
  • Hang time and distance
  • Corner punts
  • Punting out of the end zone
  • Directional punting
  • Punting with or against the wind
  • Effective stepping patterns
  • How to minimize operation time without rushing the punting motion
Long Snappers will be instructed in:
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Addressing the ball
  • Hips and arm movement
  • Snap and follow through
  • Differences in long and short snap
  • Snapper into protection schemes
Holders will be instructed in:
  • Stance
  • The back knee
  • Hold with the correct hand
  • Feather-like holding technique
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