There are lots of ways to save on tuition!


Past Participants

As a past participant you are special to us. As a way of saying thank you for your continued support we have special offers for 2nd or more year participants.

Friend Discount

Each year we spend thousands of dollars in advertising to let the community know about our programs. We would rather give you the "advertising money" in the form of a tuition discount. Simply encourage your team and friends to sign up and your tuition fee will go down, down, down each time a friend signs up. It's as simple as that! Call 301-575-9400 for as many applications as you feel you will need today.

Discounts are applicable towards tuition only. Your friends must give your name when they sign up by phone or your name must be on their applications when they mail or fax it in. No exceptions! Applications DO NOT need to be turned in together. 

You can also receive a football, for signing up one friend. To receive a free autograph football (instead of the discount - you cannot take both), check the "Free Football" box on your application.

Team and Group Discounts

When the following number of athletes sign up as a group (payments are made separately), each player will reduce their tuition by the following amount:

  • Sign up a group of 4 -7 members and each group member will receive an additional $50 off tuition.
  • Sign up a group of 8 or more members and each group member will receive an additional $100 off tuition.

Call a team meeting today! To receive a team discount, your team or club name must be entered on each application. Applications DO NOT need to be turned in together. 

Sibling Discounts

In order to ease the expense of sending more than one child to our programs we offer sibling discounts. If two or more siblings sign up then they get $40 off each child after the first.

Discount Rules

The team discount and friend referral promotion cannot be combined and are not valid for the Passing, Receiving & DB Academies, Lineman Academies, Kicking, Punting & Long Snapping Programs or Specialty Clinic Only. Participants will be given only the largest tuition discount applicable. The discount cannot be taken off the deposit, only tuition. Discounts expire 2 weeks prior to the start of the program or the advertised expiration date, whichever is later.

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