“The athletes not only learn the game of football from the best coaches in the USA, they also learn about life, school and countless other valuable tools that will help them as they mature as student athletes.”  
-Coach Blackwell, Baltimore, MD

"It has been my experience that Sports International reaches the full spectrum of football player development. From the newcomer to the highly skilled, everyone walks out learning to be a better, more skilled and confident player."
-Coach Shaw, Danville, VA

"Sports International is AWESOME! The coaching staffs are comprised of the finest local high school and college coaches in the area providing tremendous expertise in individual and team skills, in a well-structured setting.”
- Coach Pannoni, Potomac, MD

"My son had a blast! All the coaches were great. My son learned more in a few hours then we could have ever asked for. My son is already asking if he can attend next year."
-Philadelphia, PA

“I thought the camp was very well run and a good experience for my son. It was my son's first time at the camp and I would say I was very impressed. Everyone knew their part and it ran well. Seeing how excited the kids were when the pros were around, working with the kids on the practice fields. It was inspiring for the kids. 
-Baltimore, MD

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