Keith O'Quinn Player Profile


Keith O’Quinn is a longtime NFL coach who currently serves as the Director of Advanced Scouting for the Dallas Cowboys. Keith grew up in San Antonio, Texas and played for the University of North Texas in college as a safety. After college, Keith became a Pro scout for the Dallas Cowboys. After three seasons as a pro scout, he moved to Cleveland where he became director of pro personnel for the Cleveland Browns. After one season with the Browns, Keith returned to Dallas and was promoted to quality control/offensive assistant coach. He would go on to coach WR's from 2010-2013 and special teams' from 2013-2019. He then moved into a front office role with the Cowboys in 2020 as their Director of Advanced Scouting, which is the position he still holds to this day! Keith was a featured instructor for our 2021 camp, and we are so excited to have him back with us at camp in 2024! Stay tuned for more NFL announcements very soon! Your chance to work with coach Keith O'Quinn is July 7-9, 2024!

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