About Camp LT

Leadership. Character. Performance. Those are the three major tenets of Camp LT, an immersive, hands-on instructional camp unlike any other. Sure, we teach football skills and help athletes become better football players, but what makes Camp LT such a game-changing experience for the student-athletes who participate is our focus on developing true leaders in preparation for becoming elite citizens. 

We believe leadership should never be handed to anyone ... it's an earned honor that must be learned and developed. Camp LT helps to maximize an athlete’s potential as a leader among his or her peers and prepares them to take on a more significant role with their team for the upcoming season.

Led by a mix of talented football coaches with many decades of college and NFL playing and coaching experience and supplemented with on-field and in-classroom character and leadership education delivered by retired U.S. Marine Drill Instructors, the high-energy, disciplined approach of Camp LT allows it to live up to its moniker as the Toughest Camp in Texas.

We take a different approach to physical training, implementing the types of explosive power and functional strength training LaDainian learned every off-season while training with the U.S. Marines in San Diego. Will student-athletes learn how to become quicker, faster, and stronger while at Camp LT? Yes, but they will also learn team-building and leadership skills that will take them much further in life.

Discover a better way to camp and, in the process, begin to establish yourself as an elite citizen and a leader. Our four-day experience includes overnight stays in TCU student dorms, workouts three times-a-day in the TCU indoor practice facility, film study conducted by trained coaches and former players, and leadership sessions conducted by our Drill Instructors. The best of the best will earn the role of captains and will participate in our exclusive and innovative Captain's Challenge program designed to even further develop the skills that will allow these leaders to learn what it takes to lead a team and build a winning culture within their own football programs.

The veteran coaching staff will ensure each player is placed in the appropriate group to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each group from Youth to High School. Camp LT will help you develop your skills and take your game to the next level. Learn even more about the features and benefits of our programs.

For high school players, this is also an excellent opportunity to receive the best instruction available and to be seen by an outstanding lineup of college coaches. High school players aged 15-18 are eligible for theexclusive Gridiron Elite. A detailed information packet on each member of the Gridiron Elite will be sent to over 2,500 college football coaches to help each player receive recognition at the college level.

Participants age 9 and younger are not permitted to stay overnight.  They must commute to and from camp each day.


The Taylor Hooton Foundation will be speaking this summer. The Taylor Hooton Foundation is widely recognized as the national leader on the subject of youth use of anabolic steroids, unregulated dietary supplements, and other Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs (APEDs). With the support of the NFL, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and other leading sports organizations, the foundation travels the country speaking to youth and their adult influencers raising awareness about the scope of the problem and educating people on the dangers of the of these drugs.



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